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A long simmering border issue between Guyana and Venezuela has taken a twist, unofficially, with an online newspaper in Venezuela reporting that a non-state entity intends to distribute thousands of maps to schools showing Essequibo as part of that country.According to Venezuela

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By Samuel Whyte with additional reporting by Melissa JohnsonPolice are on the hunt for three bandits, two of whom are said to have carried out a daring daylight robbery around 07:30 hrs on popular Business Maurice Sookraj, called

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Plans for a new Health Sciences Faculty, improved clinical and lecture facilities and otherDean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Dr. Emanuel Cummingsamenities for medical students are among the factors that have been taken into consideration as the University of Guyana (UG

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Frustrated residents of the farming community of Garden of Eden,Cheap Jerseys, East Bank Demerara say that it is disrespectful that after pleading with Government officials for years about the deplorable road conditions,Cheap Jerseys Online, the situations seems to be getting worse.Residents noted that the poultry and cash crop community has been losing tremendously when transporting perishables and feed.

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Government will be focusing on Caribbean countries in their

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Alliance For Change (AFC) executive member,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, Moses Nagamootoo,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, says,

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A 25-year-old father from Amelia

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Colis Harry, a 32-year-old resident of 1163 Pigeon Place, South Ruimveldt Park appeared before Magistrate Alan Wilson at the Georgetown Magistrates

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Their job is to catch the criminals and whenever possible, recover stolen loot. But some ranks of the Police Force

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By Dr Zulfikar BuxFor those that would have accessed care at the GPHC Accident & Emergency Department (A&E) in theDr Zulfikar Buxpast couple of years, you would have noticed obvious improvements in efficiency and medical care. Given that we are the National referral centre and we also have to accommodate the large city population,NBA Jerseys China, we are often over-utilized and this intermittently leads to delayed waiting times for the not so urgent cases. Even then, our waiting times can still...

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Julian Winter, 43 of Sussex and Lombard Streets,Wholesale Jerseys Store, was yesterday remanded to prison after he was brought before Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates

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Fire Chief says arsonist responsible By Rabindra RooplallA disputed property that was being used as a guest house at 42 Hadfield Street, Werk-en-Rust was destroyed during the wee hours of Friday morning.Car Care Enterprise which is located adjacent to the building was also damaged as the fire attacked the third floor of the building. There a huge stock of tires was destroyed while a fire tender with a hydraulic platform ladder was used to douse the flames.Firemen try to contain the fire that was...

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– as Berbice records upsurge in mosquito infestationGuyana has recorded yet another case of the Zika Virus.This was confirmed by Chief Medical Officer,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, Dr. Shamdeo Persaud, who told this publicationThe Aedes mosquito transmits the Zika Virus.yesterday that the Vector Control Services Unit of the Ministry of Public Health is tasked with implementing measures to tackle the spread of the virus.The newest case, detected in a resident of Soesdyke,Cheap Jerseys China, East...

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– Two tenders submitted in pencilA new housing area is being developed at Farm,Cheap Jerseys USA, East Bank Demerara with bids yesterday opened at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) for the construction of roads, drains, structures and the installation of pure water distribution network.In addition the Army also received a $461M bid for the provision of fresh rations for soldiers. Under the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA), for the Farm housing scheme, ...

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The issue of security at the country’s Magistrate’s Courts once again came into focus when a prisoner hurled a wooden bench at a sitting Magistrate after she sentenced him to four years imprisonment.Magistrate Zamena Ali hurriedly fled into her chambers while the few police ranks in her court restrained the irate prisoner.Delon Boucher and his brother Devon were on trial for attempting to commit a felony stemming from a botched break and enter sometime last year. The men had shown violent tenden...

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Two armed motorcycle bandits yesterday morning attempted a robbery on Edun

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Is only a matter of time before lawlessness tek over,Cheap NBA Jerseys Wholesale. People know that if dem do something dem can always pay a small piece and people gun tun dem face. Some know that all dem got to call a big one who suppose to know de law but who use he power fuh be corrupt.That same thing mek a minibus driver think that he can do anything that he want. He got a new bus wid old tyre and nuff speed. He crash. Four people dead and it look like if more gun dead and all because a drive...