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De people of any country is de boss and de government must know that. Imagine a minister go to a meeting at Kwakwani wid de people and he talk like if he is dem daddy. One man get vex and tell de minister,Cheap Jerseys Supply,

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Families of the victims of Cubana Airline flight 455 in which 73 passengers,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, among them 11 Guyanese, were killed in 1976, should be compensated, according to the President of Guyana Solidarity Movement with Cuba, Halim KhanHe said that Luis Pasoda Carriles who is the alleged mastermind lives in Miami.

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BK International, the contractor who constructed a significant portion of the Upper Corentyne Highway, has been instructed to immediately undertake remedial works to fix the broken sections [of the roadway]. A section of the roadway has been deteriorating

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Chief Medical Officer, (CMO) Dr.? Shamdeo Persaud has provided the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the March 3,Discount NFL Jerseys, Prison disturbance with information on the inner workings of the infirmary of the Georgetown Prisons.CMO, Dr. Shamdeo PersaudThe COI was ordered by President David Granger following one of the deadliest riots that took place within the prisons in recent years.Seventeen prisoners perished in a blaze after they were trapped in a raging fire in the Capital

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Intensive workshop sessions are planned this week to brainstorm ideas about how the deaf in Guyana can have better access to employment, education, sports and other activities.A workshop on the workplace will include a testimonial from an employed deaf achiever who will discuss her experiences with participants who represent businesses that employ or are willing to employ deaf persons.The session is expected to recommend ways of encouraging business and other organisations to develop partnership...

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Former President Donald Ramotar has blasted A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance for Chance (APNU+AFC) for only now holding the crime fighting strategy meeting, stating that the Party should have already formulated a strategy, in light of its campaign promises.This came out during People’s Progressive Party (PPP) press conference at Freedom house, yesterday, during which the former Head of State, Donald Ramotar, criticised the government’s approach to the upsurge in crime.

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Former national swimming champion turned gunman, Onan Orlando Thom, is likely to appear in court early this week on indictable charges that include abduction.Police have indicated that they are seeking further advice from the Director of Public Prosecution on the way forward with charges against the once most wanted man from the mining town of Linden.Orlando ThomThom, for whom a wanted bulletin was issued in March this year, surrendered to police in Linden last Thursday after more than a month h...

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The multi-million-dollar scrap metal trade continues to be on hold with Government this week saying it is investigating corruption and possible money laundering.An audit has been carried on the Scrap Metal Unit by the State Assets Recovery Unit (SARU) and decisions are to be made shortly on whether charges will be made, says Minister within the Ministry of Communities,Cheap Jerseys From China, Keith Scott.Shortly after taking office in May, the new administration disclosed that it has found almo...

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There are a lot of amazing things being seen daily, but for a baby to survive six gunshot wounds,Wholesale Jerseys 2018,Travis Rudder Jr. as he opened his eyes to beyond amazing – it is miraculous.Eighteen-month-old Travis Rudder Jr. has left the general public in awe at his survival of the wounds he sustained in the vicious Father

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Scores turned out at the Kitty sea wall to observe the celebration of the centenary of aviation in Guyana as seven Brazilian smoke squadrons performed a live air show yesterday.Spectators,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, families and even members of the diplomatic corps enjoyed the aerial displays.Seven planes known as T-6 were used in the aerial display as the Brazilian Air Force performed five main manoeuvres which elicited applause from the crowd.The viewing public was especially awe struck at the do...

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By Leonard GildarieTime and again, I have spoken about the critical importance of management when building your home. There is nobody that can manage your money better than you. It makes absolutely no sense to borrow millions of dollars in what would be your largest debt ever,Cheap Jerseys 2018, and then flush it down the toilet.Again, I blame the banks and other support institutions for not paying enough attention and lending some more advice. It is, after all, their money being lent. Too many ...

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-Pres. Granger tells ParliamentBy Abena RockcliffeFirst it was the petroleum ship

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More than a week after four pit-bulls mauled a man to death and attacked two other persons at Leonora, West Coast Demerara (WCD), the owner of the dogs, Marceline Small, has not been charged.Instead,Cheap Jerseys 2018, the woman was placed on $100,000 station bail and still has the dogs in her care.Small is the wife of Jarvis Barry Small,NFL Jerseys From China, who was sentenced to 96 years in prison for the 2010 murder of Neesa Gopaul.The dogs attacked the victims some time between 03:00 hrs an...

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The police have solved a high profile murder which led to a juvenile and a teenager being among three charged. The robbery/murder occurred at a Mandir at Williamsburg, Corentyne back in January.Jagdat RamcharranThe trio Kevin Hintzen, called

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In an attempt to realise continued improvement in the public education system, the Ministry of Education has mandated all schools to meet consistently with parents to discuss their children

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The City Constabulary is currently investigating the alleged beating of a female guard from a private security firm by four of its own, on Tuesday, last, at the Stabroek Market Constabulary Office. Andrew Foo, Chief Constabulary Officer,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China, has confirmed that there is a probe into the matter.A tearful Melissa Downer, who contacted Kaieteur News yesterday,NFL Jerseys Cheap, claims that her alleged perpetrators accused her of being a prisoner and she was delivered sever...

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A request has been made to the World Health Organisation (WHO) to replace a batch of HINI vaccines to the local Ministry of Health. This move comes on the heels of allegations that 100,000 doses of the vaccine which arrived in the country last week had spoiled due to the negligence of workers within the health sector.This newspaper had brought the allegation to the attention of Minister of Health, Dr Leslie Ramsammy, on Sunday, who had returned to Guyana the previous day having attended the Worl...

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ITUC report on Guyana says