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Mittwoch, 5. September 2018, 04:19

The Philadelphia

The Green Bay Packers and quarterback Aaron Rodgers are
getting closer to a contract
extension Dick
Butkus Jersey
, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.Rapoport said
that the two sides have made "measurable progress," and that there is some
optimism that a new contract could get done before the 2018 season begins in
September.From Inside Training Camp: Over the last few days, there has been
measurable progress for a contract extension for #Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) August 1, 2018The two-time
NFL MVP and Super Bowl 45 champion has two years left on his current contract.
Since Rodgers signed a
five-year Andrew
Billings Jersey
, $110 million extension in 2013, the contracts for
starting quarterbacks have only skyrocketed ever since. For example, the San
Francisco 49ers gave Jimmy Garoppolo a five-year, $137.5 million
contract Deion
Sanders Jersey
, even though he's made just seven career starts.It's worth
noting that Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reported two weeks ago that Rodgers
and the Packers hadn't made any "meaningful progress." But the idea of Rodgers
leaving the team that made him a legend always seemed unimaginable, and now it
looks like an extension will be reached.When he's healthy, there is no
quarterback as good as Rodgers. The Packers made the postseason every year under
Rodgers from 2009-16, which included one Super Bowl championship and a total of
three NFC title game appearances. Rodgers and the Packers looked primed for
another playoff run in
2017 Andre
Johnson Jersey
, but he suffered a fractured collarbone injury mid-season,
and Green Bay slumped to a 7-9 finish. His value to the team cannot be
underestimated, and the Packers would be crazy to not give into his contract
demands.Green Bay tried to bolster their Super Bowl chances in the offseason by
signing Pro Bowl tight end Jimmy Graham and defensive lineman, Muhammad
Wilkerson. If Rodgers can stay
healthy Josh
Sitton Jersey
, Green Bay will have a legitimate shot at winning Super
Bowl 53.Giving Rodgers the long-term extension he's worthy of would only
motivate No. 12 even more in getting that second Super Bowl championship. Dallas
running back Ezekiel Elliott and Kansas City rookie standout Kareem Hunt are
scheduled to be among the headliners for a fantasy football convention that
expects to draw more than 200 NFL players this summer.

The event will be held in Dallas again after making its debut in 2017
following two straight years of cancellations over claims of interference from
the NFL. Former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was among the original investors
in the company running the event.

The first event had about 50 players, including Elliott. This year's
convention is set for July 13-15 at Fair Park near downtown Dallas. Fans will
have a chance to interact with players, and there will be mock fantasy drafts
along with panels led by fantasy football experts.

National Fantasy Football Convention CEO Andy Alberth says he is trying to
build a "Disneyland for football fans of all ages." Other expected attendees
include running backs LeSean McCoy of Buffalo and Melvin Gordon of the Los
Carter Jersey